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Joe Weston founded the Weston Network in 2018 with the goal of fostering cultures of respect, civility and mutual empowerment. He had the inspiration to do so after having lived and worked in the Netherlands for 18 years, coaching individuals and leading workshops and trainings for companies in various parts of the world.

Once back in the United States, Joe offered his first Respectful Confrontation® workshop and soon nonprofits and companies like NASA , the Wold Bank and Oxfam began commissioning Joe to share this methodology with their staff and executives. This quickly led to an expanded network of Respectful Confrontation® practitioners, certified trainers, collaborators and allies.

Joe and his international team provide training, consulting, and coaching for individuals, groups, leaders, and organizations. Through a network of certified facilitators, allies, and collaborators in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, people from all walks of life have greatly benefited from Joe’s highly effective methodologies—from corporate innovators and entrepreneurs, government agencies, INGOs, educators, healthcare workers, parents and young adults.


The challenges that humanity has endured in recent years and continues to face are requiring more from us—especially, an enhanced capacity to find our personal grounding, joy and vitality, sense of purpose, and the resilience to imagine a hopeful path forward. Many of us are realizing that our current strategies and skills don’t seem to be as effective as they once were in achieving these outcomes.

This is the mission of the Weston Network. All of our offerings are designed to provide you with upgraded, enhanced tools and insights for learning to speak your truth skillfully, deepen your important relationships and tap into new internal energy resources. They can also support you in developing more effective avenues of authentic expression based on respect, courage and collaboration.

Inspired by the insights of neuroscience and contemporary communication models, as well as the deep wisdom and practices of martial arts and somatic techniques, the Weston Network’s programs offer easy-to-follow methods, exercises and tools that produce immediate, tangible benefits.


A resilient team or team member can think and feel at the same time. Doing so leads to effective decision-making, clear communication, and the ability to meet challenges with confidence and success. Cultivating resilience means that you are able to simultaneously care for yourself and others.

At the Weston Network, we call this “creating a culture of mutual empowerment” . . . one that is inclusive while affording everyone the right to respectfully and assertively hold themselves and each other accountable. It’s exactly what today’s workplace needs, especially in these uncertain times. Mutual empowerment makes all the difference between an organization struggling to survive and one that thrives in the midst of widespread challenges, reorganizations and internal strife.

Inspired by the insights of neuroscience and contemporary communication models, as well as the deep wisdom and practices of martial arts and somatic techniques, the Weston Network’s programs offer easy-to-follow methods (designed to benefit both leaders and teams), exercises and tools that produce immediate, tangible benefits. By investing time and energy into building trust, collaboration and personal self-care, you will see your productivity trending markedly upward with much less time and effort.


Millions of individuals just like you are looking for ways to bring about change in their communities, organizations and nations. Yet devastatingly little progress is being made across the social, political, cultural and economic spectrums. This has led to increasing levels of anxiety and fear, exhaustion and burnout, hopelessness and a “why bother” attitude.

Joe Weston’s book and body of work called Fierce Civility offers an upgraded, human-centered and effective approach to counterbalance the apathy, infighting and resultant gridlock of polarization within our personal circles and on a societal level. We can help your community gain solid grounding, resilience and renewed energy to take on the challenges of our times.

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