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The support and space you need to face a changing world. The world is becoming more and more complex. We work with organizations that confront challenges like climate change, poverty, economic development, education, capacity building, polarization, and peace building. If you’re facing these problems directly, you know that overcoming them is no easy feat. People who do good often feel frustrated, stressed, or lost. That’s where we come in. 

CREATING THE SPACE FOR CHANGE It’s not enough to solve problems through expertise. You need the space to experiment, question prevailing assumptions, and come up with new solutions. 

EVERYONE CAN LEAD. WE JUST TEACH THEM HOW We are convinced that everyone can contribute to meaningful change–irrespective of their position in their organization or community. Our mission is to equip change agents with the capacity for leadership. Leadership is an activity and not a role. Leadership can be learned. 

MORE THAN JUST SKILLS. WE DEVELOP PEOPLE Teaching leadership is not a matter of training more “skills” – rather, it’s about developing people to manage complexity and take responsibility for driving change. Taking on this mindset requires courage, curiosity, empathy, and ownership. 

LASTING CHANGE THAT STARTS WITH YOUR NEEDS Instead of offering quick, easy answers, we support you, your team, and your organization in achieving lasting change. We create the space to allow for learning and transformation. 

We enable: 

  • Breakthroughs on your challenges: Learn new ways of thinking about and approaching the complex, systemic challenges you and your organization are facing. -   
  • Developmental leaps: Expand your bandwidth for managing complexity and working across boundaries to foster collaboration. 
  • Communities of practice: Get the space and time for reflection and support among fellow change agents.

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